Project Features

Custom Developed and Hand-Coded

There were no Content Management Systems or similar platforms used during the development of this website. We start from a blank canvas and weaved our way through it all to create a website that looks great and works amazingly. The code we delivered was clean, minimalistic and well commented which has made it easier for the client to make adjustments when needed.

Payment Gateway Integration

Not only did we develop the website from scratch without any CMS or similar platform, but we also integrated Stripe's Payment Gateway into our custom code so that users can pay for their cleaning services. This also links up with a commission function that makes the site owner receive a percentage of the total cost to their very own Stripe account automatically. It's essentially a business which runs entirely on it's own.

User Account Creation with Order Statuses

Visitors are able to create new accounts on the website, whether they are making a purchase or not. Having an account has several advantages such as being able to check the status of their orders, edit billing information and more.

We were recently contacted by a company regarding a freelance cleaner business idea which they had in mind. We found the idea pretty amazing and we started to share some of our own thoughts and ideas with them which they were more than happy for us to implement once they took us on-board. We were asked to develop a bespoke hand-coded website which allowed cleaners, and people who wanted a cleaner, to sign up and start doing business together, with a commission going to the client after each job. We did just that and the business has been thriving. It's a job we are so proud of that we've had to put it on our portfolio.

As a general user, you can sign up, specify which items you need cleaned and submit the job for registered freelance cleaners to bid on. The winning bidder then gets the items to clean, sends them back to the user and feedback is left on both sides which helps make a reputable and safe freelance cleaner community.

The website is also fully responsive and used the Bootstrap3 framework to achieve this. It looks great on all devices from desktops to mobiles, which essentially makes the perfect user experience.

  • Skills: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery and Stripe Payment Gateway.


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