Project Features

Built using Concrete5 CMS (MVC PHP)

As previously mentioned, Concrete5 is one of our favourites with good reason. It's so easy for the client to manage their website without the knowledge of programming. We developed a range of custom Concrete5 blocks, packages and pre-defined CSS styles to make life even easier for the client.

Image Gallery/Slideshow

When the site administrator adds/updates a sports car to their online showroom, they have the ability to add an image gallery of the car(s) which works as a slideshow. This is fully responsive as well, so it can be viewed on any device.

Fully Responsive - Compatible on All Devices

As with all of our websites, this one is fully responsive and compatible across all devices from desktops to mobiles. This makes a user friendly browsing experience for the visitor which we feel is extremely important as more people each day are browsing through mobile and tablet devices.

Concrete5 is one of our favourite CMS platforms for many reasons. Not only is it great for us to develop with, but it is so easy for the user to complete tasks such as adding/editing content, images, news, adding additional pages and so much more.

With the above said, it was thrilling when this client came forward with a new website which the required to be built using Concrete5. The AHC is the leading event for the hotel industry that has been running for over 13 years and has attracted over 800+ delegates, which just added to the excitement for us seen as we were contracted to develop something with such greatness.

Like most of our websites, we started from the ground up and weaved our way through every single design and webpage to create a site which was attractive, powerful and easily manageable by the site administrators.

  • Skills: Concrete5, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery.


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