Project Features

Built Using WordPress and WooCommerce

We used WordPress to built this website and integrated WooCommerce to give the full eCommerce experience for visitors to pick and buy items the florist had in stock. We even edited some of the core WooCommerce code and styling to fit with the websites branding.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Along with the website and eCommerce side of things, we also integrated payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe so the client could take payments for the goods purchased by visitors. This has given the clients business an increase in sales as previously, they were operating offline.

User Account Creation with Order Statuses

Visitors are able to create new accounts on the website, whether they are making a purchase or not. Having an account has several advantages such as being able to check the status of their orders, edit billing information and more.

When we were contacted by the client (a florist) about developing this website, we were over the moon. We were asked to develop a WordPress website with eCommerce abilities so that they could sell their flowers and gifts online. We took the job on and exceeded our own expectations with it. We developed the website with WordPress and integrated WooCommerce for the eCommerce side of things, making several adjustments to the core WooCommerce code and theming so it fitted well with the websites branding.

As a visitor, you can browse through the florist's catalogue and order flowers and/or gifts online at the click of a button. We also integrated checkout pages and payment processors such as PayPal to handle the payment side of things so that people can buy online rather than going in-store.

The website is also fully responsive and used the Bootstrap3 framework to achieve this. It looks great on all devices from desktops to mobiles, which essentially makes the perfect user experience.

  • Skills: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, WordPress and WooCommerce.


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