Project Features

Custom Developed and Hand-Coded

There were no Content Management Systems or similar platforms used during the development of this website. We start from a blank canvas and weaved our way through it all to create a website that looks great and works amazingly. The code we delivered was clean, minimalistic and well commented which has made it easier for the client to make adjustments when needed.

Image Gallery/Slideshow

When the site administrator adds/updates a sports car to their online showroom, they have the ability to add an image gallery of the car(s) which works as a slideshow. This is fully responsive as well, so it can be viewed on any device.

Fully Responsive - Compatible on All Devices

As with all of our websites, this one is fully responsive and compatible across all devices from desktops to mobiles. This makes a user friendly browsing experience for the visitor which we feel is extremely important as more people each day are browsing through mobile and tablet devices.

Everyone loves a sports car, especially a Porsche! And when your asked to work on something that is solely about Porsche cars, it's an exciting feeling, which is exactly how we felt when this client asked us to develop their website which is for selling used Porsche cars. They are a very successful business and have spent years in the car selling industry, and since getting themselves online, they have noticed a bigger demand from people all around the UK.

As a visitor, you can view sports cars from their online showroom which they have available to sell, and you can enquire about if you have a genuine interest. These sports cars and their image galleries are easily added/modified via the secure backend administration panel.

The website is also fully responsive and fully bespoke (no CMS or similar platform was used). It looks great on all devices from desktops to mobiles, which essentially makes the perfect user experience.

  • Skills: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery.


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