Project Features

Built Using WordPress CMS

WordPress is another one of our favourite Content Management Systems and we have used it on several projects throughout the years. Our experience with this particular CMS is beyond exceptional. We can develop custom WordPress themes, plugins and much more.

Freebie Search

We developed a search feature that allows visitors to search for particular freebies (PSD's, Articles, Videos etc.) and this works using jQuery and PHP so that when a user searches a term, the page isn't refreshed, but instead the results fire up in real time. There are also category filters which work in a similar way.

Contact Form and MailChimp Newsletter Integration

At times, a visitor may want to contact the site owner and so we created a neat little contact form on this website using ContactForm7 which is an excellent WordPress plugin for creating contact forms to your liking. When someone uses the contact form, an email is sent directly to the admin with their message so that they can respond. We also integrated a newsletter signup section which links up with the clients MailChimp newsletter list.

UIPie was another exciting project that we've worked on. It is a WordPress based website that gives the client the ability to upload freebies for visitors to download such as PSD graphics, articles, applications and much more. We designed and developed the website which is also fully responsive like all of our websites as we consider this seriously important for a great user experience.

After the development of this WordPress website, the client asked us to work on several other features which just goes to show how impressed they were with the work we delivered. We regularly get repeat customers and we're seriously proud of that.

  • Skills: HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, MailChimp and WordPress.


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